To set up a payout account follow these steps. You will need a payout account to begin adding clothing to the Owni marketplace.

1. Head to your account settings page.

2. Select 'Connect with Stripe'

3. Enter your mobile number, and the email address you have registered to Owni with. 

4. Then on the next screen enter the verification code texted to your mobile. Select 'Individual/Sole Trader as your business type. 

5. Complete your personal details.

6. Hover over the 'business website' until you see the pop up 'no website' and select 'or add a product description instead.

7. Add a small description of the types of products you will be selling on Owni

8. Add your account details - this is where you will be paid as you make sales.

You are now ready to start selling on Owni! Put your items in the marketplace and start making some dosh.