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Measuring Brand Sustainability

Published: 10-12-2021

Are Brands Measuring Sustainability Correctly?

There is increasing evidence that: “At the present time (and in a macro sense) there does not appear to be a single initiative or brand that is measuring sustainability correctly." - Veronica Bates Kassatly, Independent Analyst ..."They all appear to conflate sustainability with environmental impact – which they don’t even calculate accurately"..... "And they all make claims and recommendations without once considering the repercussions of these assertions on the livelihoods of millions, primarily in the global south" ​. Given that the stakes are so high it is likely that having brands 'mark their own homework' (a phrase coined by @iam_samata ) is not a practical way to navigate environmental uncertainty? ​

A potential solution?

Using blockchain and IOT technology to map the provenance and the lifespan of products so that a brand's business model can be transparent to consumers, enabling those consumers to make informed choices about how they are spending their cash. ​

How does Shwap help?

Shwap enables brands to map the lifespan of their product, there are some fantastic solutions that map the provenance of products. A favourite is @compareethics that helps to verify brands environmental claims and build transparency. ​

Do you think brands should mark their own homework?

​Source @ecoage "New Report: The Great Greenwashing Machine"