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Making Change

Published: 10-12-2021

Who’s Responsible for change?

A photo of me telling brands and retailers that they are still (at least morally) responsible for the clothing they’ve made - even AFTER it has been sold.

Why is our current model a problem?

The reason our wardrobes and landfills and oceans are filled with discarded clothing is because after the point of sale brands are no longer responsible (or rewarded) for understanding and managing what happens to their clothing. There is a sense that after the buyer is done with it it can be discarded and become someone (everyone) else’s problem. The danger with this model is that the burden of waste is unfairly spread in society, whether that be the global south or that be the working class in the global north taxed disproportionately for collective management of the waste.

What’s Shwap doing about it?

Our mission with Shwap is to end needless waste by inviting brands to our circular infrastructure that enables them to facilitate resell, repair, and recovery , to know , manage and optimise the lifespan of the products they produce. I want us all to be the change and for that we need a multi stakeholder approach. No more putting our heads in the sand! Hoping for just a great day 2 at Top Drawer London as day 1. Let’s do this!

What happened during our time at Top Drawer London?

Last day here at Top Drawer London and we have hopefully 40 new brands joining Shwap soon. Can I just say, if you came past our stall, told us about your sustainable business, and let us know that you are keen to help your customers get more value from their wardrobes we appreciate you so much and

I think you are the future!