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Brand Alert: Gung Ho

Published: 28-07-2022

Meet the latest addition to OWNI’s marketplace: Gung Ho, the British sustainable fashion brand combining bold prints with bold values. As a Gung Ho customer, you will be able to see your past orders in your digital wardrobe and sell what you no longer wear. Plus, for every Gung Ho item you list, we’ll send you a voucher towards your next shop - what’s not to love?!

Introducing Gung Ho

Gung Ho is, well, Gung Ho about fashion that proudly showcases your passions and beliefs. That’s why they weave conversation starters into the design of every garment they make without ever compromising on comfort or style. Gung Ho’s mission is to leave as little impact as possible, support wonderful people and champion the charities that work with the issues you are wearing.

Why we love Gung Ho

Wear your values: Every year, Gung Ho picks a different societal or environmental issue that needs attention. From Plastic Oceans to Climate Change, these issues are explored within the print design of their garments, or through embroidery, in the case of their statement sweatshirts. Every Gung Ho piece comes with a minizine that explains the issue you are wearing, why it is important and what you can do to help. So the next time someone compliments you on what you're wearing you have a little more to say than just 'thanks'. Plus, 10% of Gung Ho’s profits are donated to a selected charity, so you can not only look good, but do good too!

Follow the journey of your clothes: Taking transparency to a whole new level, every Gung Ho product page maps out the item’s journey, from design to creation. Now you can continue your journey with OWNI and sell on the items that no longer fit or reflect your style. Our lifecycle cracker follows items as they pass from one OWNI digital wardrobe to another and shares this data with our brand partners so they can continue to create products that last.

Join the circular revolution: From using responsible materials like Tencel and GOTS certified organic cotton to offering a made-to-order service, Gung Ho are a brand that designs with intention. We’re big fans of their Reworked series which transforms offcuts, exhausted garments and broken vintage into uniquely upcycled creations. Nothing goes to waste which is why you can find sample Gung Ho for less on OWNI!

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