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Everybody Joining Shwap!

Published: 10-12-2021

Seller Spotlight!​

Hey folks, here to point you to Camielle's Shwap Listings. A great set of high quality clothing's S-L in contemporary styles! She said: "Hi! I'm Camille, a French-British expat who made a home in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm on Shwap for the clothes that I don't wear anymore. From high street to vintage and second-hand, you'll find a wee selection of pieces that I loved but are now ready to go to a new home."

Sellers joining us

Delighted to share that Ilk and Ernie, a Brighton based brand has now joined Shwap! Ilk and Ernie use surplus fabric to create gorgeous clothes. This is essentially fabric left over from other fashion brands' supply chains. Every season, they purchase, recycle and reuse these fabrics by taking them off the street and turning them into the clothes you see on our website! Saving on greenhouse emissions and millions of litres of water used to produce fabrics worldwide every year. So not only are our garments COOL, they're conscious! ​. Ilk and Ernie customers can now resale in Shwap's circular marketplace, and as you do we will pay Ilk and Ernie royalties for their designs. Log in and see your previous orders pre listed in your digital wardrobe!

Another joining seller!

Delighted to share that Tiija, a German based Lifestyle brand has now joined Shwap! Tiija is a small fair fashion business. They are both based in England and Germany and produce in a small atelier in Bulgaria. Their aim is to create garments that feel and look good. Tiija customers can now resale in Shwap's circular marketplace, and as you do we will pay Tiija Royalties for their designs.

We’re Growing too!

We’re so excited to share that Shwap has been invited to join Tech Nation’s Libra programme this year! . We’ve been selected as part of the top 50 game changing companies in the U.K. for our circular marketplace that enables infinite resale through preloaded product listings. This is just the start! We’re on a mission to offer repair,reselling,recycling and donating services for all fashion bought and sold in the U.K to put an end to fashion waste for good! . Thank you so much for being here as we build out our platform