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Brand Alert: Birdsong

Published: 24-06-2022

Partnering with sustainable brands makes it easier than ever to buy second hand items that meet your values. It was a no-brainer then to kickstart our circular mission with a brand already making moves in circularity. Shout out to Birdsong, our OG brand partner who has been with us since our pilot launch.

Introducing Birdsong

Birdsong began life as a feminist brand in 2014 making slogan tees, shouting about photoshop and hell-bent on paying women workers a fair wage. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is still at their core and has grown to encompass a collection of original wardrobe staples - think bright colours, edgy silhouettes and art-inspired prints made from natural fabrics. The team dream up designs in-house, and then work with expert makers who face barriers to employment in the UK - from artists and printmakers to seamstresses and painters - and pay them the London Living Wage to bring their creations to life.

And you can now shop them second hand at OWNI! We use your Birdsong order history to populate your digital wardrobe, so when you want to sell something on (or later repair or recycle it), you can do so in one simple click. Easy right? That's the way resale should be. Plus, for every sale, we’ll pay Birdsong royalties for their designs. Click here to see what Birdsong garms are waiting for you

Why we love Birdsong

‘Sustainable by design, ethical by choice’ sums up Birdsong’s undeterred mission to make fashion for good, making them the blueprint for ethical fashion. Embracing circularity, Birdsong source regenerative materials, minimise waste and design with intention, creating pieces that can be passed from wardrobe to wardrobe through OWNI. Here’s 5 other reasons why we love them.

Fair labour: Birdsong works closely with skilled women makers in the UK that face barriers to employment, and pay them a living wage. Click here to meet the makers behind Birdsong.

Made to order: Almost all of Birdsong’s clothes are made-to-order, meaning they only create what is needed (take note, fast fashion). Customers are intimately involved in the design process, choosing the colours, details and measurements. The end result? A unique garment that can be cherished again and again.

Responsible materials: Birdsong manufactures locally with compostable, naturally derived fabrics like bamboo lyocell, Tencel, organic cotton, and reclaimed fibres that would otherwise take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Minimised waste: Birdsong cut down on waste by producing in small batches, offering an entirely pre-order collection, and turning scrap fabric into bags and scrunchies. The same applies to their packaging: all items are wrapped in recycled packaging materials which can be recycled after use.

Measurable impact: Birdsong are as transparent as they come, regularly sharing behind the scenes of their supply chain and reporting on their social and environmental output. Check out their latest impact report to find out how they’re making a difference.