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Behind the brand with Gung Ho

Published: 30-09-2022

Meet one of our beloved brand partners: Gung Ho, the British sustainable fashion brand combining bold prints with bold values. We caught up with Gung Ho founder, Sophie Dunster, to go behind the brand. Keep reading to learn how Gung Ho are doing things differently.

Meet Sophie Dunster, the founder of Gung Ho

When did you start Gung Ho?

The idea behind wearing your heart on your sleeve (literally!) has been in the pipeline since my art foundation in Brighton (over 12 years ago now!) but Gung Ho just celebrated 5 years since our first Precious Insects collection was launched. The concept that fashion shouldn't only make you look good but also become talking points around issues you care about stems from my upbringing and having a zero carbon architect as a father. It's tough when a lot of people don't talk about these issues; they are hard to bring up and something many people just don't want to talk about. Change is hard and talking about issues can be boring. We are on a mission to change that and not only get people talking, be inspired to be part of the change.

How is Gung Ho doing things differently?

We have decided to no longer make any collections or follow seasons, which is strange for a fashion brand. Over the last 5 years we've honed in on flexible, adjustable classic shapes, as well as our best selling prints, so from now on we are leaving the designing to the customer & we will only make what is actually wanted. This new Bespoke system is what we believe is the future of fashion. Our London makers are on call, with any offcuts going into our Reworked collections where we repair vintage pieces to give new life to garments that are already out there. We make locally and out of sustainable fabrics, with our signature style bold prints that are each designed to spark a conversation around a different current issue. 10% of our profits also go back to charities that work with the issues we campaign about.

What does circularity mean to you?

Designing and making adjustable garments that will last, offering take back schemes so we can rework anything not worn anymore or anything broken, utilising as much as possible out of any resources we put out, whilst also creating as little impact as possible in the process.

Why did you join OWNI?

We think utilising what's already out there is fantastic. We already offer our customers 10% of the original retail price to send their broken items to us to rework but OWNI helps utilise the items that don't need reworking to find new homes. It allows our community to connect and build relationships whilst offering Gung Ho items at a more inclusive price point.

What are you selling on OWNI and why?

We've popped up Gung Ho samples that have only been worn on a shoot as well as one of a kind pieces we wanted to try out or test with the fabric we already had. I have personally put a couple of Gung Ho items I've loved and don't wear as much anymore on the platform (which were snapped up as I have a big waitlist for certain styles and knew they would find new homes and be loved by someone else). I love the idea of these pieces being taken on new adventures!

You can shop and sell pre-loved Gung Ho here.