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About Owni

Owni is a unique circular clothing platform that create product listings for you based on what you have already purchased from us at Sancho's.

In Owni you will be able to do a ton of cool things like, resell unworn clothing, repair broken items and donate to your life changing charities.

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Thank you for showing interest in Owni! We are so excited to tell you more about it and to ask you to help us show the world it can work.

Owni will be a platform where you can manage your wardrobe, upload items to sell and buy pre loved sustainable fashion.

Our goals are

To tackle the amount of clothing waste produced by the fashion industry To make sustainable fashion more affordable to more people To give you a way to organise your wardrobe and style outfits you love To be a place where you can make an extra income by selling your clothes Owni will be a mobile app, but in order to raise the support we need to build it we are launching this beta site which will let you buy and sell sustainable fashion. We're hoping to prove people want / and can buy and sell their clothes through Owni.

Did you know that on average we wear about 30% of our wardrobes?

Why not take a look at your wardrobe to see if there are any items you'd like to sell. I'm sure there is one thing there!

This is the start of a revolution, and we will get to do it together!